GARY DYERPainters and Decorators Ltd

Work For Us

If you are trade qualified or looking for an apprenticeship please contact us to see if we have any positions available

We work very much as a team so we are looking for people that fit with our business. We like people that are clean, tidy and very thorough in their work. Gary is still very much hands on and likes to work beside all new workers for the first week at least and then takes turns at working alongside all other employees.


Why work for GDPD?

  • We are a medium sized business always looking to grow therefore there is opportunity of working your way up the ladder.
  • We get together every fortnight for staff meetings to keep everyone in the loop about what is coming up and this also gives staff a chance to share ideas, discuss problems etc.
  • We believe in fair remuneration and believe this is important to pay trades people what they are worth, keep them happy and obviously maintain them for as long as possible. We aim to keep staff turnaround to a minimum.
  • If you like working in a structured, efficient environment then you will enjoy working for GDPD.