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Because the Gary Dyer team is of substantial numbers it is able to capably tackle commercial assignments of any size and type, from the redevelopment of a church to regular retail premises, store fit-outs or even simply tidying up a facade before rebranding. We have completed a wide variety of projects including new service station builds and substation switch rooms. Our able and competent team makes every effort to complete tasks in a timely manner while maintaining the quality finish naturally expected from a professional decorator. At Gary Dyer we are always mindful of the requirements and application of health and safety measures, and quickly adapt to the different needs of individual workplaces and industries.

New houses are one of Gary Dyer’s areas of expertise. Our two new house teams are part of a system that has been tailored to produce a finish of the highest quality, delivered within the high pressure time frame demanded by the new house market. The quality of our finish is ensured by the careful use of premium, shelf line products only, guaranteeing a result befitting a brand new home. Being responsible for the painting of so many new homes has the benefit of illustrating to new team members the high standard of workmanship expected by Gary Dyer, encourageing the drive for excellence and reminding all team members that brand new houses should indeed look brand new.

Repaints offer the Gary Dyer team immense satisfaction, and a close engagement with the client - sometimes all but moving in with them! We have the pleasure of seeing grand old homes restored to their former glory, or completely modernised to suit the needs and taste of the client. Alongside exterior work we undertake interior painting and decorating, and understanding the disruption this can cause we make every effort to accommodate clients’ needs and requests.
WALLPAPERING is an area of particular expertise at Gary Dyer, and we are proficient in
hanging a wide range of makes,
types and qualities of wallpapers
including NZ Vinyls, imported
and handprinted papers.